Johann Vaillant
Technology Center


Gestures to navigate the room

  • Looking around the room
    Touch: Press and swipe
    Maus: Click and drag
  • Approach or move away from an object
    Touch: Spread fingers
    Maus: Scroll

Interaction elements

  • Grüner ausgefüllter Punkt Info boxes open with a click
  • Weiß-Grünes Video-Icon Press to start a video
  • Grüner Navigationspfeil Press on the waymark to enter the next room

Navigation bar

The available buttons in the navigation bar depend on screen size and device properties.

  • Previous room
  • Show/hide thumbnails
  • Switch position sensor on/off
  • To the left
  • To the right
  • Upwards
  • Downwards
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Display help
  • Switch full-screen mode on/off
  • Hide navigation bar
  • Show navigation bar
  • Next room